Weekly Lectures

Week 1. Introduction to Geospatial Technologies (PDF)

Week 2. Data formats, groups and sources in geospatial technology; main data portals (PDF)

Week 3. Global Positioning Systems (GPS): History, Structure, Applications (PDF)

Week 4. Global Positioning Systems (GPS): Field Survey using Juno (Trimble)

Week 5. Remote Sensing: NASA programs, earth observing system (EOS) (PDF)

Week 6. Remote sensing: digital imagery and its capability (e.g. Landsat) (PDF)

Week 7. Remote sensing: aerial photography, oblique, ortho, measurements (PDF)

Week 8. Remote Sensing: LIDAR system and data processing with ArcGIS (PDF)

Week 9. GIS: vector and raster. Spatial reference. Georeferencing images and extracting vector features using ArcScan (PDF)

Week 10GIS: geoprocessing and modeling (Model Builder in ArcGIS) (PDF)

Week 11. GIS: interpolation and terrain analysis (PDF)

Week 12. GIS: creating hydrologic stream network and watersheds data from elevation models (PDF)


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